Mounted Flap Wheel

These shank mounted abrasives are ideal for working in hard to reach areas, where a larger disc or wheel will not fit. 

Mounted flap wheels, also known as spindle mounted flap wheel, are ideal for metal finishing, though it can also be applied to wood, plastic, fiberglass, or rubber.The abrasive flaps continually supply new abrasive mineral yet resist load accumulation.

  • Evenly removes the surface layer of various metals by lightly grinding, deburring, graining, or scaling flat or contoured surfaces

  • Used with a die grinder, portable drill, or other equipment

  • Flexible flaps makes it ideal for smoothing curved surfaces.

  • Smaller mounted flap wheels work particularly well in cleaning or blending the surfaces of small or cramped areas, such as tubes and narrow curves.

Mounted Flap Wheels
Mounted Flap Wheels

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Mounted Flap Wheel 1" x 1" x 1/4"
Mounted Flap Wheel 1" x 1" x 1/4"

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Mounted Flap Wheel 2" x 1" x 1/4"
Mounted Flap Wheel 2" x 1" x 1/4"

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Mounted Flap Wheels
Mounted Flap Wheels

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  • Applications: Finishing, Grinding

  • Attachment Type: Plain shaft , Threaded shaft 

  • Abrasive Mineral: Aluminum Oxide

  • Backing Material: Polyester-Cotton blend

  • Backing Weight: X Weight

  • Grade: 36 ~ 320

  • Industries: Marine, Metalworking

  • Max RPM: 20,000; 25,000; 30,000

  • Shank diameter: 0.25"

  • Shank Material: Zinc coated steel

  • Thread Size: 1/4-20 EXT

Specifications & Applications


Sizes & Grits



  • General-purpose wheel for grinding, polishing, sanding and finishing

  • Cloth-backed abrasive resists tearing and stands up to edges

  • Aluminum oxide mineral cuts sharp, lasts long and finishes fine

  • X-weight polyester-cotton cloth backing is flexible to minimize tarnishing the workpiece, yet is durable to resist tearing and to increase the life-span of the wheel

  • Offered in plain shank and threaded shank (shaft) to allow for flexibility of mounting onto your equipment

Made for grinding, polishing, sanding, and finishing, Kelco mounted flap wheels are ideal for general use. The flaps are coated with aluminum oxide, a versatile mineral which cuts very sharp. At the same time, the flaps are designed to "lap" the surface of the workpiece; each flap is individually mounted to help deliver a consistent and fine finish. 

Abrasive flaps are designed to offer the best of both worlds: a continuous supply of new abrasives while being load-resistant.


Overall, coated abrasive flap wheels are ideal for blending, finishing, scale removal, and  light grinding on ferrous and nonferrous metals. The individually mounted flap design allows for longevity: the flaps allow for a continuous supply of abrasive mineral while minimizing the accumulation of workpiece load. 

Each aluminum oxide abrasive mineral is resin bonded to an X-weight polyester-cotton cloth backing. In comparison to the whole range of cloth backing weights, X weight is stiffer and heavier. The wheel is so effective at polishing and grinding due to the durable X weight cloth. Effective against disintegration of the wheel under high heat from friction, resin bond adheres the aluminum oxide mineral to the flaps themselves. Because aluminum oxide abrasive products have reliable hardness, strength, and fast cut rate, they are widely and most commonly used among industrial professionals.The poly-cotton blend backing is simultaneously flexible but firm and resistant to edge wear. As a general rule, cloth-backed abrasives are work well with metal work-pieces. However, it can also be used for plastic, rubber, and other materials, for the cloth can conform around curvatures while gently "lapping" at the surface.

Plain Shank and Threaded Shank:

Kelco mounted flap wheels are offered in both Plain Shank:1/4" Straight or Threaded Shank: 1/4" - 20 Threaded. Users can choose the appropriate type of mounted wheel that works properly with their existing equipment. The plain shank has a 1/4" straight shaft that connects to a power tool, such as a die grinder. A collet locks the shaft in place. For projects that require an extended reach to contact the workpiece, the longer shaft length may be appropriate.

The threaded shank is a 1/4 - 20 threaded spindle mount, allowing it to thread onto the tool without an adapter. Due to its shorter shaft length, it may be desirable for projects which require a closer contact with the workpiece.


Appropriate equipment with which to use mounted flap wheels: bench motors, die grinders, and inline sanders.