Flap Disc

Flap discs allow for aggressive stock removal and finishing in one step.

Flap discs are used for metal finishing, made of multiple overlapping small pieces or 'flaps' of abrasive material bonded to a hub.

  • Adaptable to most angles grinders

  • Application to most metals (ferrous and non-ferrous) and its alloys

  • Weld grinding, rust-removal/cleaning, deburring, surface finishing 

Flap Disc, Aluminum Backing
Flap Disc, Aluminum Backing

Abrasive Material: Aluminum Oxide

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Flap Disc, Fiberglass Backing
Flap Disc, Fiberglass Backing

Abrasive Material: Zirconia Alumina

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Flap Disc, Plastic, Ceramic
Flap Disc, Plastic, Ceramic

Abrasive Material: Ceramic

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Flap Disc, Aluminum Backing
Flap Disc, Aluminum Backing

Abrasive Material: Aluminum Oxide

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Sizes & Grits

Aluminum Back
Fiberglass Back
Plastic-Trimmable Back

*Available grits for all models range from 36 ~ 320 (Aluminum Oxide), 36 ~120 (Zirconia, Ceramic)


Specifications & Applications


Used on a variety of metals and alloys for rust removal, deburring, edge-grinding, and seam-blending. 

  • Applications: Deburring, Finishing, Grinding, Polishing

  • Attachment type: Threaded

  • Backing: Cotton (A/O), Polyester-cotton blend (ZA), Polyester (Cer)

  • Backing weight: Y wt (A/O), X wt (ZA)

  • Bonding: Resin over resin
  • Center hole diameter (in): 5/8, 7/8

  • Diameter (in): 2, 3, 4, 4.5, 5, 7

  • Grit type: 36 ~ 240

  • Mineral: Aluminum Oxide, Zirconia Alumina, Ceramic

  • Max RPM: 13300, 150000, 8600


Special Technology & Performance: Longer, Faster, More Precise Grinding:

All Kelco's flap discs are manufactured with hard-pressed flaps. A standard flap disc with unpressed flaps tends to “chatter” during the grinding process, generating vibrations and resulting in the grit pulling away from the mounting prematurely. Hard pressed discs allow for the following:

  • Regular grinding

  • Maximum grinding capacity

  • Longer service life (2-3 times the longevity of non-pressed flaps)

  • Minmized risk of flap tearing


  • Saving time and cost, flap discs grinds and blends work pieces at the same time.

  • For light duty grinding and finishing, flexible, X-weight cotton backing is ideal. For heavier duty grinding, use stiffer, Y-weight backing.

  • One of the strongest bonds available today, the abrasive is "resin-bonded" to the backing. This allows for longer life of the disc as the resin-bond minimizes the risk of abrasive minerals separating from the backing due to heat.

  • Alumina zirconia self-sharpens, provides extended life and more cutting power than aluminum oxide, reducing replacement costs. Ceramic can be used wet. 

With merely one disc, Kelco flap discs allow for a variety of applications: low-pressure grinding, small weld removal, finishing, and surface preparation. Although these discs spin rapidly enough for stock removal, the flaps cushion the work-piece, allowing for a soft finish. Flap discs can kill two birds with one stone: it is an alternative to the combination of bonded wheels and fiber discs.


Kelco zirconia alumina flap disc can be applied to various metal types. It has a superior cut-rate to aluminum oxide. The abrasive is resin-coated to resist heat, and its X-weight polyester-cotton backing allows for a clean, efficient cut for light duty grinding and finishing.

Flap discs are essentially grinding discs but with more depth as they have overlapping layers arranged around a center hub. Due to their overlapping construction, more abrasive material can be loaded onto the cutting surface. Continually wearing away with use, these abrasive-coated, fiber-reinforced flaps expose fresh mineral for an efficient, consistent cut. As a result, they have far longer longevity than typical discs. The closed coat on Kelco flap discs means that on the backing itself, the abrasive particles are arranged as close to each other as possible. As a result, the flap disc provides for a deep cut and consistent finish.They are ideal for a large range of applications: small-weld project grinding, edge grinding, weld seam blending, de-burring, and rust removal. 

Please note: In most cases, flap discs produce a finish one grade finer than the product itself is graded. Most right angle grinders are easily adapted to all flap discs.